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Welcome to Echoa Land

We are on a mission to create the Wolrd's most prosperous, creative, and loved Storytelling Ecosystem for artists & fans.

Echoa enables artists to bring fans to
gether to create and grow Independent Story Franchises through massive collaboration with only one goal: to 
create stories people love.

The Next Frontier

of Media Industry

The Media Industry will undergo a significant transformation in the next decade with the advance of new technologies and new ways of working. This is a place for those willing to explore the Future of Great Storytelling franchises:


Great Storytelling

New ways of Working

Community & Co-Ownership.

Echoa Land is a place for those willing to work collaboratively, sharing ownership, with an open mind to new ways of doing great storytelling. The key for building community is to walk trhrough the same values and principles to create thoughtful and meaningful relationships. 

Create Stories People Love

 At Echoa Land, great the Story comes first. The basis for creating a long-term franchise is mastering the art of Story. New technologies and ways of working are only useful around powerful characters and stories. To do this, we push artists to master the principles and fundamentals of Story.

New Technologies

Decentralization & Blockchain

Great stories around collaborative work gets superpowers with blockchain technology. The Echoa Platform Protect Collective Intellectual Property, issue NFT Licenses, and manage co-ownership and royalty structures enabling artists to progressively decentralize their projects in a secure, transparent, and scalable way.

Echoa Community

+100 Top Talented storytelling artists who worked with major studios:

Universe of Stories


Join Us

Are you willing to co-create fantasy storytelling franchises in a creative, safe, prosperous, and loving ecosystem?

Partners Contact us

We would love to hear from you. If you represent a Brand, StudioArtist, Press, or any other partner, please share your thoughts with us at:

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