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Welcome to Echoa Land

A place for storytelling artists to

co-create & co-own with their fans Stories and Characters of the next generation.


Echoa Lore

The legend says that Echoa Land was born through the power of three ancient entities, representing the energies of Love, Prosperity, and Creativity. They created this land to guide artists in a New Era where abundance and collaboration will be the key to greatness.

Since ever, artists from everywhere have come to Echoa Land to climb the "Silence Peak" (the climb of life) in search of creating stories and characters that will be remembered forever. But the only way to reach the top and achieve glory as great storytellers is to walk by the principles of the 03 Echoa entities. 


Heart - creativity.png

To find creativity you must connect to the present and to nature. Silent your mind from the outside world, be aware of everything around you, and find a new world of possibilities.

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Love is the most important energy. It gives us the conscience that we are all the same. To find love you must embrace your fears and darkness. Only love cultivates meaningful work and relationships.

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To find prosperity, you must have an abundant mind. It means to have a radically open mind, to abdicate control, to share, and to serve others without expecting anything in return.  It is time to have ambition, dream big and work hard to make things happen.

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