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The Land for the next generation of characters and stories.

🔥 Echoa Land enables storytellers to start, protect, manage, and grow their "Independent Story Franchises" through massive collaboration with fans, brands, other artists, and investors.

Working in the next frontier of Media & Enterteinment 







Echoa Platform uses blockchain technology to Protect Collective Intellectual Property, issue NFT licenses for collaboration, and manage ownership and royalty structures. This provide decision making power to the community over the franchises in a progressive descentralized way by aligning incentives, enabling a secure, transparent and scalable co-creation.

Echoa is the place where stories captivates audiences, build loyal fanbases, and generate long-term franchises. To do this, we explore the most effective methodologies and storytelling techniques around meaningful characters and experiences, creating stories that people love.

A strong community that shares values, beliefs, and goals are the key to grow things cohesively. Our land is an ecosystem that embraces diversity, inspires creativity, and encourages collaboration between storytellers from all walks of life.

Echoa Land is a place for ARTISTSFANS & BRANDS 

willing to participate in innovative storytelling projects.

Our artists works with

Are you willing to explore a land that pushes the boundaries of innovative storytelling and co-create remarkable franchises?

Join our community:

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